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Welcome to Doraid Logistics

Doraid Logistics International is one of the world's leading providers of forwarding and logistics services, specializing in custom clearance ,ocean freight, air freight, land & railway shipments and associated supply chain management solutions and closely cooperates with selected partners globally.

Thanks to its in-depth industry knowledge, Doraid Logistics International  is able to provide globally integrated, door-to-door forwarding solutions tailored to its Customers' individual needs.

Our Services

Doraid Logistics International  offer a Custom Clearance , Air Freight , Sea Freight , Road Freight and all shipping services .

We have experience in all aspects of Custom Clearance and work closely with our clients to meet their requirements which leads to them for saving thier cost and time.

Our Specialty

We are dealing the following items in import custom clearance;      

1. PPRC pipe & fittings
2. PVC, P.E , P.P scrap
3. All kind of metal scrap
4. New machinery
5. Old & Used machinery
6. Confectionery items
7. Chemicals
8. Old & Used Generators
9. Old & Used Auto Parts
10. Stationery Items
11. UPVC, CPVC pipe and fittings
12.  Old & Used Generators
13.  Sanitary Fittings (iron & steel)
14. Baby Diapers, Adult Diapers , Syringes 
15. Aluminium Foil all type
16. Energy drink / Juices
17. Bridge Expansion joints / Bearing Pads
18. Personal Effects (Baggage)
19. Afghan transit